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Research: reports on important original results in all areas of the upstream of petroleum industry.

Review: summarizes representative results and achievements in a particular topic or an area, comment on the current situation, and advice on the research directions.

Discussion: comments on the published in Petroleum Research within the previous one year.

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Submission of a manuscript implies that it should be written in English, that it has not been published before, and submitted elsewhere for print or electronic publication consideration, moreover, the manuscript submission should has been approved by all co-authors. In order to speed up the submission process, the authors can send the manuscript to the editorial officeby If having any problems in submission process, the authors can contact the editorial office via telephone: +86-10-62067139, +86-10-62067137.

All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by two or three peer-reviewers selected from domestic and overseas scholars and experts, authors also can suggest several referees(please supply full name, address, phone and email), and/or request the exclusion of specific reviewers. Based on the review comments of peer-reviewers, the editorial board will give a final recommendation to the editor-in-chief to decide whether the manuscripts is accepted or rejected.


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