• Origin of abnormal high pressure and its relationship with hydrocarbon accumulation in the Dina 2 Gas Field, Kuqa Depression

     Fengqi Zhang1,2*, Zhenliang Wang2 , Hongli Zhong3 , Yubin Song4 , Weiming Liu1 and Chi Wei1

    Download:PDF  2016-12-08

  • Sedimentary evolution of the Central Canyon System in the Qiongdongnan Basin, northern South China Sea

     Ming Su1,2,3*, Xinong Xie4 , Zhenfen Wang5 , Tao Jiang4 , Cheng Zhang4  and Yunlong He4

    Download:PDF  2016-12-08

  • An evaluation workflow for shale oil and gas in the Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China: A case study from the Luojia area in the Zhanhua Sag

     Yongshi Wang, Zheng Li, Jianqiang Gong, Jiajun Zhu, Yunqing Hao, Xuefeng Hao and Yong Wang

    Download:PDF  2016-12-08

  • Submarine landslides, relationship with BSRs in the Dongsha area of South China Sea

     Li Wan1,2, Xinghe Yu1*, Tyson Steve2 , Shunli Li1,3, Zenggui Kuang4 , Zhibin Sha4 , Jinqiang Liang4  and Yulin He1,4

    Download:PDF  2016-12-08

  • Hydrocarbon accumulation in the deep waters of South China Sea controlled by the tectonic cycles of marginal sea basins

     Gongcheng Zhang1*, Hongjun Qu2 , Shixiang Liu1 , Xiaojun Xie1 , Zhao Zhao1 and Huailei Shen1

    Download:PDF  2016-12-08

  • Characteristics and resource prospects of tight oil in Ordos Basin, China

     Hua Yang1,2*, Shixiang Li2,3,4 and Xianyang Liu2,3,4

    Download:PDF  2016-12-08

  • Evaluation criteria, major types, characteristics and resource prospects of tight oil in China

    Chengzao Jia1*, Caineng Zou2 , Jianzhong Li2 , Denghua Li2 and Min Zheng2

    Download:PDF  2016-12-08

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